Dutch Sweet Mix. Which one is your favourite?

About this liquorice.


Hollands most famous liquorice a random mix of any six from the following nine – Mixes depend on current stock levels – Sweet! 
Harlequins – Soft, sweet & chewy with a hint of salt and aniseed. Flavoursome!
Coins – Strong taste of liquorice, chewy, medium-hard and sweet – Just how ‘Pontefract Cakes’ used to taste!
Honey – Made with 8% honey, mild, sweet, chewy and gelatin free. 
Buttons – Soft, sweet and chewy – one of our most popular sellers
CatsStrong liquorice flavour, very chewy & sweet with a hint of salt. Very Tasty!
Mokums – Very chewy, hard & sweet liquorice. The shape depicts a bollard that represents the old Jewish quarter of Amsterdam with three crosses – each cross individually meaning Fire, Famine & Flood. 
Party Drops – Hard and chewy with a hint of salt, honey and eucalyptus.
Labourers Tools – Soft and sweet with a hint of salt.

Clowns – Soft, sweet & chewy with a very subtle flavour – very Moorish! A Vegetarian choice.

Liquorice Mice – A very intense flavour of soft and chewy liquorice with sweet aniseed and a hint of salt. 

Just Liquorice – ‘Importers of the Finest High-Quality Dutch Liquorice’.


  • Soft  
  • Salty
  • Sweet
  • Chewy
  • Medium Hard 
  • Medium Salt
  • Very Salty
  • ** Unsuitable for ‘Vegetarians’ due to the mix.

Sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch (potato, pea, MAIZE), MAIZE starch, cane sugar molasses, molasses, modified WHEAT starchWHEAT starchWHEAT flour, 8% honey, liquorice root extract, ammonium chloride, gelatine, water, coconut oil, palm oil flavourings, colour (E150a, E150c, E153), thickener (gum arabic), sweetener (E965II), herbal extract, fructo-oligosaccharide, sea salt, natural glazing agent (E901-Beeswax, E903-carnauba wax), vegetable fat, natural anise flavouring
Bold words indicate Allergy Information.
Ingredients provided by the Manufacturer.

Nutritional Values:

Typical values per 100g of each type.

Harlequin Coins Honey Buttons Cats Moku Party Tools
Energy (KJ) 1400 kJ  1460 kJ  1454 kJ  1451 kJ  1478 kJ  1464 kJ  1424 kJ  1385 kJ 
Energy (Kcal) 330- kcal 344 kcal 342 kcal 342 kcal 348 kcal 345 kcal 335 kcal 336 kcal
Fat (g) 0.4g 0.4g 0.2g 0.3g 0.2g 0.2g 0.5g 0.3g
    of which saturates 0.4g 0.3g 0.2g 0.2g 0.2g 0.2g 0.5g 0.3g
Carbohydrate (g) 77g 74g 84.9g 83.9g 80.0g 85.5g 82g 80.4g
    of which sugars 58 45.1g 57.9g 56.4g 52.1g 59.0g 55g 51.9g
Fibre (g) Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Protein (g) 4.3g 10.1g 0.1g 0.8g 6.1g 0.1g 1.5g 0.4g
Salt (g)     0.17g

















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Plastic is Biodegradable all Packaging Materials 100% Recyclable