Sambó Þristakúlur. Liquorice And Chocolate With Caramel Filling. (180g bag)

About this liquorice.

Liquorice and chocolate with caramel filling.

Under the crispy caramel coating and Belgian chocolate, you’ll find the most excellent liquorice heart, made within original Icelandic recipe from 1950. Treat yourself to a sweet moment!


Sugar/Cocoa Butter/Cocoa Mass/Wheat Flour/Whole Milk Powder/Skimmed Milk Powder/Glucose Syrup/Glukossirap/Invert Sugar Syrup/Water/Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Kernel) (Emulsifier (E492, E322)), Salt/Raw Liquorice/Gelatine/Treacle Syrup/Emulsifier (Rapeseed Lecithin)/Ammonium Chloride/ Colours (E100, E153, E171)/Flavouring/Anise Oil/Vanilla/Glazing Agents (E901,E903,E904).

180g bag


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