Boys from Brussels (Mannekpis) A strong flavoured Dutch liquorice classic.

About this liquorice.

Sleepers (Bielzen)


The Boys from Brussels is based on the famous statue in Brussels “Manneken Pis” that shows a Belgian Prince who was discovered ‘relieving himself’ in the palace garden!

A gluten free treat.

This is a strong flavoured liquorice mostly sweet with a delicious salty note and a satisfying firm bite.

Just Liquorice – ‘Importers of the Finest High-Quality Dutch Liquorice’.

  • Soft
  • Sweet
  • Chewy

Sugar, glucose syrup, corn starch, modified starch (Maize), maltodextrin, gelatine, salmiak salt (Ammonium Chloride), liquorice root extract, thickener (gum arabic), colour (E153), natural flavouring, salt, vegetable oil (coconut), natural glazing agent (carnauba wax)
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